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(SkyTab Coating) Benefits are higher running speeds, easier cleaning, better logo embossing, smoother tablet and longer tool wear life 

Preventing weight variation problems without a formulation change.  meets ISO Standards and exceeds FDA requirements

SkyTab Coating 


We at skylar manufacturing are proud to offer our SkyTab Coating,

Primarily used on pharmaceutical,nutraceutical and confectionery tooling such as: punches, dies, dosing disk, suppository molds, tamping pins, segments, tamping rings, dosators, pistons, bushings, mixer parts, die locks, cam tracks and turrets, pressure rolls, feeder assemblies, and much more

Electropolishing is the reverse of plating in that metal is removed from the surface rather than deposited.

Because high points on the surface are removed first, a lower micro inch surface is achieved.  Thus the surface is smoother, has good anti-stick properties and is easier to clean. 

This is required in the food, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries. 

Electropolishing also passivates the surface as mentioned in the ASTM A-967 specification; it is used as an inspection tool to detect surface cracks or imperfections in castings and forgings. 

It is used for sizing to bring overweight or oversized parts into specifications and tolerances can be held to .0001” .


Appearance Characteristics:

Smooth Coatings
Textured Coatings
Wrinkle Finishes
Metallic Finishes
Hammertone and Vein Finishes
Flamboyant, Tints and Glitter Finishes
Gloss Range from Flat to High Gloss

Corrosion Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Electrical Insulation Resistance
Heat Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Impact Resistance
Mar Resistance

Functional Characteristics:

Powder coating

Skylar Manufacturing has experience applying Electrostatic sprayed Epoxy, Polyester, Hybrids, Urethanes, Nylon, Vinyl, Polyethylene, TEFZEL®, Absite®, Kynar® (PVDF), Halar® (ECTFE), PFA, PTFE, GLAS-LOK™ 

(both clear and colored), Fluidized Bed Dipping of Nylon, Vinyl and Polyethylene.

Powder is available in over 1000 different colors with different textures and glosses.

Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN)

This coating is Violet-Black in color it is a performance coating used when excessive mechanically stressed cutting is encountered.

It is also ideal where high feed and speed rates are desirable.

Micro Hardness (HV .05) 3300

Chromium Nitride (CrN)

This coating is silver in color designed to replace hard chrome with its superior resistance to adhesive wear, chemical corrosion, and oxidation.

Its low coefficient of friction makes it ideal for applications that require reduction of, galling during process.

Micro Hardness (HV .05) 2500 

Titanium Nitride (TiN) 

was one of the first coatings developed for metal tool cutting applications, 

yellow gold in color and suitable for most wear applications.

Our TiN coating complies with aerospace specification AMS 2444A.

Micro Hardness (HV .05) 3000

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coating

Metal Finishing
Our staff will work with you to determine the best Non Stick / Wear Resistant coating solution to meet your needs whether you are looking to enhance an existing product or just starting new product development.